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G. Thomas Holland

Owner & Manager

We know that there are literally thousands of mediums, platforms, and channels you can use to communicate with people, but with all of that choice comes confusion, inaction, and uncertainty.


We do the hard work for you.


 We create and develop marketing campaigns that generate CONSISTENT leads and sales ... pure and simple.

What We Do

  • Marketing

    We know how to get the right people to your offer at the right price.

  • Sales

    We help you convert those visitors from interested to committed.

  • Fulfillment

    We help you create a constantly improving money machine.


Read what our partners have to say about us

If you are looking for a smart approach to effective and budget friendly web design, I would HIGHLY recommend Thomas and Copy Paste. He was able to meet my campaign’s needs for a donations and volunteer sign up tool while providing a cost-conscious & inviting website.

Cindy N.

Non Profits

Thomas and Copy Paste, with a high level of expertise and insight, built our new website, which has both enhanced our experience for our membership and also helped us to update and modernize in an ever-changing marketplace. I appreciated that they took our needs and customized the site for us. The process was quick and seamless. They were helpful and readily available throughout the process and beyond.

Rheanne E.

Service / Entertainment

Working with Thomas and Copy Paste has been great! As a busy salon owner and stylist, it’s so nice to work with a tech team who not only manages my website well but helps actually grow our business. They were able to put my vision for the website into reality and I love the result!

Sarah C.

Beauty / Hair Care


See how we help businesses take off

  • Conversation

    No business exists without customers, but those customers have to start or come from some where.


    From paid online ads to earned broadcast media, we help people learn about you and start a conversation.

  • Ascension

    Your customer experience with your business is a journey and a partnership. The right ascension sequences help guide your client through all of the ways you can serve them - and be rewarded for helping them accordingly.

  • Conversion

    People need to feel comfortable working with any organization, and we help businesses create professional looking websites and opt in pages.


    Create new customers with our compelling conversion strategies.

  • Optimization

    A money machine is something that is constantly running tests or using resulting data to improve. We not only know how to help you find the data you need, but what to do with it once you get it.


Learn how to make sales ... AUTOMATICALLY

Get access to the Copy Paste Vault & learn how we
help businesses just like yours!

From the desk of G. Thomas Holland.


To my newest connections,


As a business owner, you want to concentrate on clients -- not marketing, leads, or sales.

Since 2005 I have helped over 1,000 different businesses, coaches, nonprofits, or companies generate leads, pitch services, and run sales funnels, so they can do what they do best.

During that time I have learned that achieving success comes down to two main traits - process and patience.


You see, when you have worked with as many one person shops, small businesses, and startups as I have, you learn that success comes from following a road map to a destination or a blueprint for building your empire.


Success is not an accident or a coincidence.

Over the past 15 years we have developed a number of processes that have helped businesses just like yours reach and surpass their goals, and now we want to share those with you.


As a potential partner, we'd like to showcase some of our latest presentations, campaigns, and videos to give you insight into how we can help you and your business.

That's why I created
The Copy Paste Vault.

The Blue Print Mini Course takes all of the concepts you read about in Road Map and builds upon them in a 75 minute video series to give you a better sense of how you can take the principles I teach about and put them to immediate use.


This video course includes new content and exercises that you can apply to your business right away for immediate impact.


From helping you to identify the kinds of goals you want to set to building the team you need to help you manage your marketing, The Blue Print Mini course walks you through the process you will need to undertake to turn your marketing machine into an automated cash machine.

The Copy Paste Vault Includes:

The Blue Print Mini Course

With the Blue Print Mini Course you will learn the practical application of marketing automation and how you can start creating these elements for your business.


With this course, you will learn:

  1. How to set goals that are realistic for your success,
  2. How to create a sales funnel that will increase the value of your clients,
  3. How to create marketing campaigns that up-sell your clients automatically,
  4. How to create reports that will quickly and easily show you what's working - and what's not,
  5. How to start getting new clients to your business consistently, and
  6. How you can build a team to help you put marketing automation into place.

The Blue Print Mini Course includes several exercises that will help you develop the marketing elements needed to start automating your business and help clarify your marketing goals.


This course will give you the over view you need to deploy online marketing and marketing automation and understand the basics of online lead and sales generation.

10 Steps for Marketing Automation

When you read the Road Map: 10 Steps For Automating Marketing Success eBook, you will learn the process and exercises your business should complete to develop a marketing campaign that's truly built for potential success.


Here is a breakdown of the 10 Steps 


Step 1: Know Where You Are.

Step 2: Set Your Goals.

Step 3: Set Your Sales Funnel.

Step 4: Draft Your Plan.

Step 5: Create Your Offers.

Step 6: Automate Your Success.

Step 7: Develop A Reporting Program.

Step 8: Develop an Editorial Calendar.

Step 9: Plan For Traffic.

Step 10: Take It To The Next Level.

The Phone Call Funnel Training

Looking to generate more sales calls quickly? This 20 minute video walks viewers through a simple funnel process that outlines a simple method for getting more inbound sales calls.


Watch this video to learn:

  1. Why utilizing paid traffic is critical for your success,
  2. The three things your website MUST accomplish for visitors,
  3. Why your database must be able to execute automated campaigns,
  4. What is an ascension sequence and why it is so important, and
  5. The types of reports you must created and use to grow your business.

The eBook Facebook Campaign Tutorial

Struggling to generate any sort of traction with your eBook or lead magnet? Watch this video to see how we were able to generate inbound leads for less than $9 per person using simple campaigns via the Facebook Business Manager.


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